A fancy, yet simple operating system! User friendly, yet packed with loads of features.


A great social platform to share your ideas, events and feelings on. Chat with friends, upload to your feed, stream special moments from any device.


Reading long guides and documentations can be cumbersome. BluePrints are visualizations of them.


Try out our well-polished and easy-to-use apps. Beautify and enhance your experiences, connect to the world around you and maintain your lifestyle!


Read about CodeArise updates, software, hardware, gadgets, games and much more on the blog!


Start your solo adventures or compete with friends in games of various genres, available on different platforms.


Share product reviews, ask for support and interact with the CodeArise community.

Social Media

Directly reach out to CodeArise for questions and support on social media. We also post updates and other interesting things regularly.


Other support options include contacting us through forms on the Support page and reading the FAQ's and Documentations.


Our product guidelines

To ensure the quality of our software and services, we use the following guidelines as standard.


All of our products must look good and have customization options.


All of our products must be easy to use for the average consumer.


All of our products must be stable and feature-rich.



CodeArise HUB is a collection of social platforms to share, socialize and stream on.

In a world where working from home and reaching other people as quickly as possible is becoming a new standard, it's becoming increasingly important to have as many options as possible for socializing.

HUB aims to deliver a robust, stable and feature-rich social platform that makes it easy to fulfill all your social needs. Chat with your friends individually or create groups for events, work, gaming or just for fun. Share your greatest moments, or go live and get your friends or community to watch you do your own thing.

Create an account to connect with your friends, personalize your feed and share your best experiences right away!

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CodeArise CHAOS is a stable operating system that comes in many different flavours.

The OS doesn't retain a single focus. In our view it's important that an OS is compatible, feature-rich and fast, while looking appealing and structured at the same time.

There are many editions of the OS available for daily use. Not only do they look different from each other, but they also consist of different features. With CHAOS you'll be able to set up your personal workspace to your own needs.

Check out the hardware requirements and the comparison tables to see if your device is compatible and find out which flavour suits you the most.